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A flexible light source – free of cables
and electrical connection

Built-in high-capacity battery
with a run-time up to 40 hours

Switches effortlessly from
warm to cool light

Safe to use outdoors and in wet areas
360 degree light beam distribution

Adjustable reflective surface

Three-stage luminosity

Easy portability allows multiple uses

Each lamp is a unique,
timeless piece of design

Traditional handcrafted metal and glassblowing manufacture

Premium materials, workmanship
and modern electronic engineering

Intuitive mechanical application
Smoothly variable focus setting

Precise long distance illumination
of objects

Brass surface creates atmospheric
light in any room, any place

Every inventor‘s journey begins with a problem that inspires a search
for the right solution.

My journey began with the question; why has the use of light – such an essential part of our daily lives – not evolved much beyond the rigidity of a ceiling lamp?

These days, mobility and flexibility are necessities. But our lighting fixtures remain cabled to electric outlets and come with few alternative applications. I asked myself how light could be freed from these limitations.

I wanted to create light that works intuitively, effortlessly, naturally. Anywhere and any way I need it. I wanted it to be versatile, give it the ability to switch from softly atmospheric to high performance within seconds. I wanted it to be a striking object that combines functionality and timeless design.

The answer to my question now has a name: AtonRe®.

It’s more than a lamp.
It’s light without limits.

Jens Sachtleben
Creator of AtonRe®
Model: AtonRe®
Article number: PFRA
Ambient temperature: -20 °C bis +40 °C
LED: 1x High End Power LED
Battery: 1x Lithium-Ion Akku ICR 18650
3,7 V, 2200 mAh, rechargeable
Temperature sensor against overheating
Charging time: 5 h
Energy storage: 8,14 Wh
IP protection class: IPX4
Luminous flux:
strong light: 1000 lm
normal light: 250 lm
dimmed lightt: 25 lm
Lighting range:
strong light: 210 m
normal light: 150 m
dimmed light: 40 m
Lighting period:
strong light: 2 h
normal light: 5 h
dimmed light: 40 h
Height: 370 mm
with vertical brass surface
Width: 180 mm
Weight: 2525 g

Jens Sachtleben
Creative Factory e.K.

Moorreye 104
22415 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 88 88 39 88

Mobile: +49 171 8855546